27 April 2005

Bush the liar

For those who would contend, let it go, the election is over, bite me. The truth shall continue to speak for itself, and continue to be revealed for what it is in the next 4 years.

Little Bush, has destroyed Americas standing in the world. We have gone, collectively as a unified nation from a respected (and after 911, a sympathized) place ,to a disliked one. We have allowed this administration of liars and propogandists to lead us down a path of worldwide scorn.

Look at the facts. Bush and his shortsighted ultraconservative cronies have...
1. Unilaterally invaded a sovereign nation under false pretense. Granted, Hussein was a murderous tyrant, but the reasons stated for invasion were not this. Weapons of Mass Destruction? none found. Sheltering terrorist groups? Not until after the invasion. And now, after all this mess we are left with an unstable Iraq that will likely be ruled by a more oppressive Shia majority, without rights of women, respect of religion, or freedoms of any human kind outside the strictest interpretation of the Koran for generations to come.

2. Abandoned the ABM treaty. The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, signed with us and former Soviet Union was the cornerstone of international disarmament momentum. Now that the former USSR is so pathetically weak, all the Bushites have done is prove to the world that the USA cannot be expected to keep its word on treaties that it has signed in good faith. How much more difficult will it become in the future for our nation to negotiate a treaty meant to ensure peace and security if we allow this conservative administration to so blatantly disregard our obligations? Could you simply dissolve your contract with a bank so easily?

3. Opt-out of the Kyoto accords. Global Warming has its critics, granted. But the science is there, and every other western nation in the world has committed to painful sacrifices for their industrial sector to combat what could potentially be a disaster for us all. Except for our country, mainly under the stern opposition of the wealthy industrialists, who, incidentally fund a majority of the political campaigns. Well, look at the next step, now Russia has followed our lead and retracted their obligations as well. Who will be next? Anything Bush says about caring for the environment is not true.

4. Chemical weapons treaty. An international monitoring device to assure other nation states that anyone is not creating, engineering, distributing, selling, or producing chemical weapons. What was one of the first things the Bush conservatives did? abolish our participation in this. quietly, secretly. shhhh, no one seemed to notice. CHEMICAL FUCKING WEAPONS people! How could this go so easily unnoticed in the media?