15 June 2006

Bush lying yet again

"When America gives its word, it will keep its word,"

Well, anyone who actually has any type of coherent memory in the political realm remembers as short as 5 years ago, when our little dictator embraced our international agreements in such ways as:

1. unilaterally withdrawing from the AMD Treaty. This was *the* cornerstone of nuclear weapons peace accords which limited Anti Missile Defense systems with the former Soviet Union, thereby averting a runaway nuclear arms race. I guess if the former communist block is no longer a viable threat, our agreements signed in good faith no longer fall under the banner of any type of meaning.

2. the Chemical Weapons accords. Hell, why not throw in the towel on our banning of chemical weapons why we are at it? Maybe biological weapons will be the next glorious step in Bush's little empire.

Bush shows us over and over again that he is a liar that cannot be trusted. The only way that his administration has gotten away with this bullshit for so long is due to a masterful scheme of distraction (ever notice how when Bush's popularity ratings used to go down the terrorist attack meter used to go up?), media intimidation (fox nexs, conservative radio, religious right slander, etc.), and faith in the short memory of the American populace. I guess they might be on to something, because no matter what they do, nobody seems to notice or care. What a sad state of affairs our former democracy is in. Welcome to the New World Order of tyranny in America under a fascist empire. Like your freedom? Stand up for it!