17 May 2005

Right Wing Conspiracy

The shadows are moving again, but this time the innocent are fighting back. The conspiring conservatives have released a propoganda report attacking foreign politicians for allegedly profiting from illegal oil sales in Iraq's Oil-for-Food program. George Galloway, a British MP (Minister of Parliament), a former member of the Labour Party (until his strong anti-war sentiments conflicted with Blairs policy), came before the US Senate today and really let them have it.

The best weapon we have in our fight against these people is the simple truth. The conspirators were hoping to discredit, disgrace, and burden Mr. Galloway with their baseless attack in the report. He flew to Washington and delivered a forceful defense of his position, very emotionally illuminating the ridiculousness of the baseless insinuations. Not a shred of the accusations are true.

This is the same tactic used for the last 5 years, quite effectively I might add, to attack any adversaries, potential adversaries, journalists, foreign politicians or governments, grassroots organizations, etc. that would stand up to their movement (so called "neo-conservatism", but more like a new line of BS) or shed some light of truth on their lies.

Minnesota senator Norm Coleman, someone who once had a good heart, but decided to feed his ambition and join the right wing conspirators while still mayor of St. Paul, took a good lashing during this proceeding. Coleman needs this nosebleed. He might have a cabinet post soon, helping propagate these liars like Bush and his cronies. Unless we can boot him from office or if he miraculously comes to his senses.

In any case, the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. With the suffocating onslaught coming from the right wingers, from attacking decent people to the media censorship, it is very refreshing to see someone stand up so boldly and face their pack of lies head on. Sort of inspiring in fact, and infectious.