30 August 2005

Televangelists Are Evil

Today was quite the day of proclomations in the Televangelist circuit. Our favorite demonic idiot, Pat Roberts prayed for someone to die on the Supreme Court, so the conservatives in power can ram thru yet another ideologue puppet into this high post (the sneaky chameleon John Roberts looks like he is heading towards an easy confirmation already). There has never been a greater threat to the American way of life than the one this court represents.

Back to the TV preachers. The conservative Democrat from Georgia Zell Miller was angrily bashing everything under the sun, but mainly what he termed activist judges in his rants at the Two Rivers Baptist Church recently as well. Funny, liberal judges are actually the most impartial, its the conservative ideologues that always have a slant, and are the true activist judges. Nothing like preaching hate in what is supposed to be a house of love.

Another speaker at loudly proclaimed that liberalism is dead. Anyone recall Jim Baker and his "moral majority" attacking anyone in society he felt like, all the while having an affair with his secretary Jessica Hahn? In truth, many of these televangelists are nothing but hypocrites.

26 August 2005

France selling its highways

This is twist. The normally socially responsible French government is trying to sell of its roads to the highest bidder, who will then jack up the tolls on travelers. Who'd a thunk it?

America, despite all of its faults, has maintained a mostly toll-free highway system since its inception in the 1950's. There is a horrid web of them in the eastern US, but most of the country is free to travel. A few frightening exceptions, suburban bypasses, which seem almost exclusively for the rich to funnel around in and the horrific trend to remove carpool lanes and replace them with "rich only" lanes.

The ones supporting these are those same moneybag motherfuckers that would use these clear expressways, passing by all of us middle and low income families stuck in gridlock in regular traffic. Lets hope the greedy capitalists in this country don't follow suit, and like France, start selling off our highways for short term profit. Read about it on the BBC.

24 August 2005

Hitman anyone?

Its good to see the conservatives finally speak what they really think. Pat Robertson, the nutbag host of the 700 propoganda club, former presidential candidate, and hijacker of the Reform party, officially called for the assasination of a democratically elected leader of a foreign country. Specifically, Hugo Chavez, the (not so coincidentally) leftist leader of Venezuela.

The CIA has already tried and failed to orchestrate a "revolution" in the country. And you thought Gunboat Diplomacy was a thing of the past! Why has Bush and most of his conservative cronies been so silent about someone who actually calls them on their bullshit? Hmm, could it be...OIL?? Venezuela is the worlds 5th largest oil producer, a large share of it coming to the US.

Thus, no matter what the Bushmen truly think, they cannot risk being exposed in a covert attempt to oust or kill Chavez, they would risk being cut off from the oil. It really has nothing to do with violating International law, as they proved in the invasion of Iraq and unilaterally breaking such landmark peace treaties like the ABM (Anti Ballistic Missile), Chemical weapons, etc. But have no illusions, they all think identically to Pat Robertson, and would love to see Chavez dead.

21 August 2005

Hunter S. Thompson funeral wishes

Despite the overly stringent burial laws in this country, the final wishes of the ultimate of fucked up reporters, Hunter S. Thompson have been realized. As per his wishes, his cremation ashes were scattered over his chosen paradise, Aspen, Colorado, USA. In true fashion, he had them shot up in a rocket, which burst into a ball of flames. Better to live fast, never surrender, and die the way you want to. The BBC briefly covered this story in its articleHERE.

I can only hope my funeral rites are observed as such. I do not have the luxury of such a benefactor as the talented Johnny Depp, but I have loyal relatives who may yet succeed in disobeying US law and put me to rest atop a massive funeral pyre next to the lake by by fathers ancestral home. Any funeral should be a party to celebrate the life of the deceased, and an occasion to not only reflect on their accomplishments in life, but to take the lessons they tried to teach in life to heart, so that we may all live more freely and vividly in the future. We will miss your honest rebellious writings Hunter.

16 August 2005

Steal from the Poor

...and give to the rich. That has always been the conservatives motto. Under Reagan, it was called, "trickle down", under Bush and the 'neo-conservatives' it is known as "tax relief". What it really boils down to is padding the pockets of the wealthiest campaign donors, since they are in effect, the ones who shell out the dough for the advertising, polling, and psychological profiling that enable such weasels to get elected in this sham democracy in the first place.

You like the current prices at the pump? Gas prices surged 20 cents in one fucking day in my town. And they were at record levels already. Sure, the big corporations have the well oiled propoganda machine that states that it is merely a result of the world economy, supply and demand, and all that bullshit.

So why is it that the major oil companies are posting record profits? Why are their stocks rising so lavishly? Why did they get a $6 billion tax break under the Energy bill Bush and his conservatives rammed thru congress?

Anyone remember how reasonable prices were under Clinton? And further how they all of sudden spiked just before the 2000 presidential election? And again how they jumped before the unnecessary Iraq war and never again came down? Is it merely a coincidence? Is it also random that some of the biggest Republican campaign donors are these same oil companies that Bush and his cronies have such close ties to?

15 August 2005

technology lessons

It must be 100 CD-R disks I've wasted in the last year. I usually try to be thrifty and buy the bargain bin disks, say a 50 spindle for $5 US. And time after time, my frustration grows by their lack of working properly. Even if Nero says it worked ok, I would get error messages like 'No disk in Drive', 'please insert disk', or worse yet, it would just spin, making me paperclip it out and force reboot. Don't we just assume products we buy will work? And yes, they were name brand, no bullshit products from slave labor. Finally went in and paid top dollar for some good, non discount disks, and voila, I can finally back up my info again. Oh well, at least I have some chromatic light reflectors now.

14 August 2005

Drugs: its ok when you support Republicans, or so they say

Bush's national pasttime token latino was proven positive for steroid use. Even after the undisputed test, he claimed, "I believe him when he said he does not use steroids", further demonstrating how out of touch with reality our current president is. Not too surprising, considering how easily his spinmeisters swept under the rug his avid cocaine habit in his draft dodging youth. If Clinton, or some other centrist were to have done the same thing, they would be skinned alive and hung out for the flies.

I guess it just goes to show, if you support the ultra right wingers in this democracy of ours (a conservative dominated, corporate fueled duopoly in reality), your past doesn't really matter. Addicted drug habits, violence, even treasonous revealing of operatives identities, who cares, you are part of the evil machine now, and it will all be swept under the rug.

11 August 2005

RIP Peter Jennings

I am not a big fan of mass audience television, at least in the US. But the broadcasts by Peter Jennings on ABC have always perked my interest. Fair, honest journalism, and well appreciated by myself and many other cerebral minds in this land of severe apathy. His unique insight and great perspective will be sorely missed, but I thank him for his contributions to the best of news casting.

06 August 2005

And yet another ageist measure erupts

Colorado recently passed a law that prohibits underage drivers from talking on mobile phones while driving. Though I absolutely despise bad drivers, who are waaaaay to prevalent in the world, and further harbor a bitter distaste for drivers on mobile phones, this measure is yet one more way that the cracks in our democracy appear.

Laws should be uniform and balanced, guaranteeing respective fair punishment for all offenders, no matter age, sex, race, creed, prior violations, or wealth.

The young have always been a target, where be it in laws, enforcement, or through societal discrimination. This is yet one more example of how the young are taking it in the ass at the expense of those with power. If the mobile phone ban is passed, lets be fair and enforce it for people of all ages. Discrimination on any regard is blatantly wrong. Or are we to live by the addige (quoted from Benjamin Franklin) "Force shits on reasons back"?
Story by Yahoo!

03 August 2005

The Bush Youth

What does this remind you of?
Its not too difficult to see the parallels between what conservative, right wing groups have done in societies around the globe, with the vicious repression of expression, thought, and most importantly action. But this is probably the best photographic evidence yet that *should* reach even the densest students who ever took a history class.

Place: Germany
Date: 1938
Event: Hitler Youth Rally

Bush Calls up the Boy Scouts to Serve in Iraq