06 September 2006

Bush lying again

Its tragically comical how short of a memory the average American voter has. King george (or curious george as some call him) continues his rampage of deceipt, this time being exposed for letting the CIA run secret prisons in other countries across the globe. This is just the latest in a long line of his misleading and outright lying to be exposed (among others: weapons of mass destruction, his ties to the greedy oil companies, protecting Karl Roves treason, domestic espionage, etc. etc. etc.).

"So whats so bad about this?" you might ask. For one, its a violation of international law. Second, prisoners are often flown to such third world countries as Egypt and Thailand, where horrific torture is practiced. Where once our higher standards were a source of domestic patriotism and foreign envy, the US is losing its legitimacy in world affairs by secretly condoning such behavior. Third, this policy undercuts the credibility of our allies abroad, making them appear to their constituents as mere puppets of a fascist regime.

How long will we continue to tolerate this deceipt, these blatant and obvious lies of a pseudo dictator within our midst? It is the responsibility of good men everywhere to stand against evil. Next time some idiot starts regurgitating Republican "talking points", remind them of how nearly every major thing King George has ever stated has turned out to be untrue. This man and his party must go.

04 September 2006

Crocodile Hunter Dead

Steve Irwin, the champion of wildlife across the planet, best known at the Crocodile Hunter, was killed today. While working on a documentary about the Great Barrier Reef, an encounter with a stingray left him dead.

Despite his cheesy appeal to the youngest of audiences, his devotion to our natural world was monumental in steering public opinion towards a deeper understanding of our planet as a whole. Steve, your work was appreciated and you will be missed.