24 October 2005

Office Tyrrany

Today, the news brought out further proof that the office (orifice) is a place of tyrrany throughout the world, not only in corporate America. This shithead named Tony Price ordered his employees to go through DNA tests to find out who was chewing gum in the workplace. Word of this ridiculous decision of course found its way to the press, and in response, this business dictator decreed there would be a round of lie detector tests to uncover who leaked it. Proof positive that shit rises to the top. Read about it on the BBC or better yet, contact their corporate customer service at cs-uk@wstore.com and express your outrage directly.

17 October 2005

American style "democracy" in Iraq

The puppet Bush has always stated his desire for American style democracy to take root in Iraq, a medieval Islamic playground at the focal point of corporate oil policy. In fashion remeniscent of the voting irregularities of the 2000 election in Florida, and the 2004 results from Ohio, once again more votes were returned in key districts in Iraq than registered voters. The constitution was a resounding YES vote, even in areas where Sunni voters overwhelmingly rejected it in every non propogandized poll. Strange, isn't it? I guess not, considering the conservative shadow government that is orchestrating this entire war.

16 October 2005

the Hypocrisy of Conservatives

Just another example of how conservatives everywhere are complete fucking liars and hypocrites is being demonstrated by Britains Tory party leadership struggle. While they fanatically attack drug use and exploit youthful experimentations in vicious slanderings of liberal and centrist opponents, they carefully cover up the discretions of their own leaders. One of the new potential Tory leaders, David Cameron is under media scrutiny to either confirm or deny past cocaine use, and while Kate Moss was fed to the wolves for her actions, the conservatives in Britain now try to quietly sweep his own sniffing under the rug. See the BBC. Very remeniscent of how Americas conservative Republican party so skillfully covered up the past cocaine snorting activities of George W Bush, the king liar of them all. Hold the conservatives accountable, and better yet, don't be fooled next time they try to smear someone elses character with these same attacks. Remember the the hypocrisy of conservatives everywhere.

02 October 2005

Voice of Europe

Bringing a muslim nation with a horrific human rights record, desperate poverty, strong fundamentalist undercurrents, a racist and sexist culture, and undemocratic ways into the EU is tantamount to political suicide. Should Turkeys accession talks "go well" starting on Monday, the world can kiss European unification goodbye, and watch it splinter into a 3rd rate power in the next 2 centuries. How can the EU ministers be so utterly spineless as to even entertain the notion of Turkey joining, a government that to this day still refuses to recognize its own genocide of the Armenians? A government that invaded Cyprus then transplanted so many right wing fanatics to the island that its division has become a tangled mess, then demanded so many concessions in the bogus "peace plan" that the Greek south of the island could not in good conscience vote for it? A government that kills its enemies and tortures dissenters? And most disturbingly, a nation that is strongly muslim. The EU and Turkey are so radically different that this notion of them possibly being able to join in a decades time should not even be entertained. Let them stay in Anatolia, their ancestors stole that fair and square hundreds of years ago.