28 April 2006

Bipartisan Report on Hurrican Katrina blames Bush

No big surprise. Those of us who actually paid any bit of attention to the disaster (other than the usual bullshit on Fox news and the other govt. propaganda stations), knew that Bush and his terrible conservative administration was to blame for mucking the recovery effort up. From appointing a horse breeder as the FEMA chief to not accepting foreign rescue missions (read my prev. posts on this subject), Bush has once again failed America. Yahoo! yanked a good article on this from the AP.

Last week, I finally went down to coastal Mississippi and New Orleans to see the area for myself. Half a year later, there is still massive devastation everywhere. Entire blocks around Biloxi and Gulfport are gone. You can tell where buildings once stood, but now there is nothing but rubble. Trees were uprooted and tossed into the bay, where they sit today. Structural damage is massive. I will post some pics when I get high speed internet access again to demonstrate the failure of the rebuilding effort.

Edit- here are a few pics