27 July 2006

Exxon records record profits

Exxon is a demon, pure and simple. Raking in over 10 BILLION dollars in profits during times when we're all paying double or triple what gas at the pump should cost is evil. Thats pure profit for the corporation at the expense of you and I. Sure, they and the conservative policians in their pockets try to explain away gas prices as a result of "turbulence in the middle east" (like thats something new), "refineries getting hit by Hurricane Katrina" (funny how they spiked 6 months before and have stayed up ever since), and, get this, "normal market fluctuations". When does something ever shoot up in price from under a dollar to over $3 in 7 years (yes, gas averaged about 90 cents in 1999 during the Clinton presidency). I guess they need another tax break, like the multi billion dollar one King George and the Republicans granted them last year.