29 October 2004

US Presidential Election 2004

US election 2004 prediction Posted by Hello

Just a handful of days before this, likely *the* most important presidential election in our generation. In it, we will decide whether this nation embarks on a new path of empire, or restores the values of freedom, democracy, and respect that have been a bedrock of our culture for 200 years. Though not likely to keep me awake all night like the 2000 election, this one will still be quite entertaining. The LA Times has the most interesting electoral tracker based on the latest polls using Flash, thus fully interactive. Using it, I have made my claim, above is how the election will turn out. Of course, this is merely my prediction, and there *might* be a state or 2 that doesnt turn out the way i think it will, only time will tell. Still gonna be close, though it looks like J.F.Kerry is going to pull it off in a squeeker. Any thoughts? Predictions of your own? Who am I kidding, nobodys reading this rabble.