11 July 2005

Internationalization of Standards

Though I've been doing this for years due to the simplicity in writing and visualizing, the US seems to finally be slowly using periods (.) instead of dashes (-) in phone numbers. 1-800-666-6666 will soon be seen by the superior 1.800.666.6666
Its about fucking time. I probably adopted the habit of doing it while in Europe my first time, and it just makes more sense.

Hey, heres an idea...why doesn't the US adopt the International system for dates as well. In most of the world, dates are represented by the day, then month, then year: 10.28.2005. The US is still stuck in this archaic system where we (for some unknown and idiotic reason) put the month first, then day, then year (28/10/2005). And toss the slashes too, use periods for this too.

And while we're at it, maybe it's about time that we in the USA adopt the freakin metric system! who the fuck can calculate how many inches are in 5.64 miles? its easy to figure out how many centimeters are in 5.64 kilometers, its 564,000 (just move the damn decimal place).

In any case, Yahoo! covered this ere.