17 September 2005

Borrow and Spend: the Conservatives Motto

This White House is making such a catastrophy in so many ways, it is hard to keep up with the insanity and intensity of it all. In his latest stroke of sheer idiocy, little Bush announced that any Hurricane Katrina costs will have to be taken out of curent spending. Read my lips, no...new...taxes! Just another way of proving to daddy of how "good" a son he is. [deactivate sarcasm mode].

The result? Well, every program has already been slashed to the bone, and no further cuts are really possible without provoking mass social protest. The conservative assholes will not even consider a rational spending cut, say by withdrawing from the $4 billion a day Iraqi tarpit, or other military cuts (funny, I thought the Cold War was over, wheres our peace dividend?).

So this, just like so many other things will just be added onto our burgeoning national debt. Hey, why pay for it ourselves when our children (who do not vote by the way) can pay for it? Lets play bankrupt the future of our nation, shall we?

The national debt today was a surprising and horrific $7,964,643,188,228.55, and rising over 1.66 billion dollars a day. Check the website, and update it. Its a bit alarming, but it increases at least $200,000 a second. Anyone remember when another notorious conservative, Ronald (McDonald) Reagan pushed the debt over a trillion bucks, then tripled it by the time he was done? ah, fond memories.

As with any debt, we get the luxury of being allowed to pay interest on this current debt, in the meager sum of around $350 BILLION each and every miserable year. One of the largest blocs of spending in the government, well, beside the military. Imagine a household that paid all its bills only by using credit cards. What type of short termed, no sense of reality thinking is this? Bush and his conservatives motto: Borrow and Spend to bankrupt the future of America.