24 January 2006

Canada going the wrong direction

It appears that Canadians are just as suceptible to the old dirty tricks of politics as those of us in the USA are. After masterfully hiding information about some undoubtedly shady kickbacks by some minor members of the Canadian liberal party, the conseratives wouldn't let the issue rest, and stoked the flames of anger as hard as they could. Cause and effect, the voters get disgruntled, feel like this needs to go away, voilah, a change in leadership.

Its the same old snafu that the shameful ultra-conservatives south of the border have been pulling for generations down here, from McCarthyism to Reagan to Schwarzenegger. Welcome to the modern age. Innocence begone my northern friends.

Your country is now ruled by decree from the White House, who no doubt offered extensive logistical support and intel towards this end. Prepare to send your boys to Iraq, and as a consequence have somefuckingthing blow up in your country by some dumbass jihadists. Next step will be acts of government to restrict civil liberties, and a further entrenching of your military forces overseas, under the watchful eyes of your southern masters.

Dark days indeed. This election has disappointed me almost as much as John F. Kerrys smearing by the right here. Watch out.