11 October 2006

No one exempt from Republican hate

A year ago when I presented my plan for Iraq, I did it to provide leadership and protect our troops. The Republicans have spent their time name-calling while the situation for our troops in Iraq gets worse.

They've tried to smear me, other veterans, Democrats, you and anybody who stands up to them. Well, let me say one thing right now: screw them. Those gravestones at Arlington cemetery don't say Democrat or Republican on them.

We are all patriots.

But as long as Republicans are in charge, they're just going to keep playing politics instead of doing what needs to be done for the American people. And that's why we need to throw them out of power—as many of them as possible.

Republicans smear? No way, they are too "family-value" oriented to do that. I guess not. Check out the smear photos that have come out on ultra conservative blogs (ie. parasitic propaganda) since Murtha, a longtime defense expert in Congress, went public with the reality of the Iraqi quagmire. He gets instantly demonized by the Republican attack machine.