12 November 2006

USA 2006 Elections

The elections are over, and the people have spoken. Prior to Tuesday, 3 straight election wins of Karl Roves fascist tactics had most of the country disillusioned. Finally, people stopped listening to the Republican and conservative attack machine that spews hate instead of constructivity. Finally. Of course, all it took was 3 years bogged down in the Iraqi quagmire by incompetent leadership (King George) and thousands of lives for this to finally sink in.

The final results are that the Democrats seized at least 230/435 seats in the House of Representatives (the most sensitive barometer to the current political climate) and in the biggest victory, wrested control of the Senate from the polarizing Republicans (only 49 senators are democrat, but the 2 independent ones will caucus with the them making a majority of 51 seats/100).

Congratulations to all those who stayed in the game, making sure the Republicans did not steal the close elections again. And a further congratulations to all the 3rd party candidates that stayed in the game to make this a true democracy.