28 December 2006

Somalia, Iraq, and the EU

Again, a post about 3 subjects. Let us start off with a huge victory in the war against terror. Ethiopia, Africas longest democracy, ardent supporter of the struggle against Islamic fundamentalism, and unfortunate victim of the Cold War (they were allies with the Communists, while the US supported Muslim terrorists as a counterbalance), has done the right thing, and sent in its armed forces to combat the takeover of Somalia by the United Islamic Clerics. The UIC, a radical Islamist group was headed toward taking over the entire country (with support by 2000 Eritrean troops), establishing Sharia (strict Islamic law, which includes beheadings, intolerance, and severe discrimination against the western values of freedom and equality), and creating a safe haven to Al Qaeda (al-Qā`ida) and other terrorist groups. Fortunately, despite the incompetent fools at the State Department, Ethiopia has supported the legimate transitional government, and intervened militarily. This has been such a stunning success, that the BBC reports that "Islamist fighters have left the Somali capital as government forces backed by Ethiopian troops advance on the city". Thank you Ethiopia for doing what is right.

Next, we head to Iraq. The nations highest (and clearly biased appointed) court ruled that Saddam Hussein must be executed within 30 days. This will likely result in a prompt execution in the within a week. Despite his heinous crimes and cruel nature (he is worse than George Bush), the kangaroo court that convicted him was clearly biased from the start and the verdict was determined long before the trial even began. This mockery to justice and clear violation to international standards can only serve to strengthen the hand of many groups. Primarily, the Baath Party (a secular Arab nationalist political party who have promised retaliation), Iraqi insurgents, and radical Islamists across the globe. If he is to be executed, let it be done in an impartial light, with just proceedings under the guidelines of an international tribunal empowered by the UN. This summary execution is just as much of mistake as the entire war and consequent occupation has been, something pushed forth by idiots with little education, wisdom, or foresight into the damage their seemingly bold actions cause. Fuel on the fire doused with more fuel. Sheer lunacy.

Finally, Gaelic (the celtic language of Ireland) has been set to get official status in the EU on the 1st of 2007. This is a huge step forward both for the respect of Ireland, linguistic diversity, and the potential strength of the Europen Union. As a union not only of nationalities, the EU could possibly become the liberator of regional independence within a united Europe, including voices for the Basques, Catalans, Corsicans, Tyrolians, Scotts, and all of the unique cultures on the subcontinent.