10 January 2007

Bush the anti-environmentalist

In the wake of foreign turmoil and a major speech, King George is set to once again appease his energy masters. By using the cover of the Iraqi castarophe and a major directional speech, Curious George is once again using political deceipt to grease the wheels of his major campaign contributors. He unilaterally opened Alaska's Bristol Bay and Lease Area 181 in the Gulf of Mexico to open drilling. Fuck the environmental and ecological consequences, the political speech on Iraq will give him cover.

This is the sad truth about the morality of the conservatives and the Republican party. They use foreign policy disasters to cover their tracks on domestic policy transgressions, all to benefit the rich, corporate interests that fund their re-election campaigns. This is what is known worldwide by the dirty word of corruption. Pure and simple, corruption.

Democracy? How much money does it cost? In King Georges version, democracy equals a voice for the rich only.