16 October 2005

the Hypocrisy of Conservatives

Just another example of how conservatives everywhere are complete fucking liars and hypocrites is being demonstrated by Britains Tory party leadership struggle. While they fanatically attack drug use and exploit youthful experimentations in vicious slanderings of liberal and centrist opponents, they carefully cover up the discretions of their own leaders. One of the new potential Tory leaders, David Cameron is under media scrutiny to either confirm or deny past cocaine use, and while Kate Moss was fed to the wolves for her actions, the conservatives in Britain now try to quietly sweep his own sniffing under the rug. See the BBC. Very remeniscent of how Americas conservative Republican party so skillfully covered up the past cocaine snorting activities of George W Bush, the king liar of them all. Hold the conservatives accountable, and better yet, don't be fooled next time they try to smear someone elses character with these same attacks. Remember the the hypocrisy of conservatives everywhere.