02 October 2005

Voice of Europe

Bringing a muslim nation with a horrific human rights record, desperate poverty, strong fundamentalist undercurrents, a racist and sexist culture, and undemocratic ways into the EU is tantamount to political suicide. Should Turkeys accession talks "go well" starting on Monday, the world can kiss European unification goodbye, and watch it splinter into a 3rd rate power in the next 2 centuries. How can the EU ministers be so utterly spineless as to even entertain the notion of Turkey joining, a government that to this day still refuses to recognize its own genocide of the Armenians? A government that invaded Cyprus then transplanted so many right wing fanatics to the island that its division has become a tangled mess, then demanded so many concessions in the bogus "peace plan" that the Greek south of the island could not in good conscience vote for it? A government that kills its enemies and tortures dissenters? And most disturbingly, a nation that is strongly muslim. The EU and Turkey are so radically different that this notion of them possibly being able to join in a decades time should not even be entertained. Let them stay in Anatolia, their ancestors stole that fair and square hundreds of years ago.