01 February 2007

The Kosovo Syndrome

The BBC reports that special UN envoy to the Kosovo region of Servia stated that "Kosovo 'should split from Serbia". For those of you who have been under a rock for the last 10 years, a brief history. As punishment for loyalty to the former Soviet Union, the US and NATO plotted to break up the Balkan European country of Yugoslavia. This ethnically diverse country had been established at the conclusion of WWII as an entity large enough to be self sustaining and defensible (much as greater Poland and Czechoslovakia was). Pushing ethnic divisions, the US sponsored dissident independence movements in Slovenia, Croatia, and the multi-diverse Bosnia (and soon Macedonia). The Serb led nation fought many wars to keep national unity, but was severely outclassed at every step.

Then the US govt and the CIA began giving financial, diplomatic, and logistical support to the Kosovo Liberation Army, an ethnic Albanian terrorist organization seeking seperation of a region inside Serbia. Due to demographic trends (mainly a low birth rate for ethnic Serbs and a very high birth rate for ethnic Albanians) in the Serbain province of Kosovo, ethnic Albanians grew to be a strong majority of the population. This presented the US with a perfect opportunity to further punish Serbia for their support to the former communist block.

In accord with the noble beliefs of Woodrow Wilson, former president of the USA in WWI, the current corrupt US govt perverted his ideal of self determination for ethnic areas to support a the KLA. This would normally be a good gesture if done with honesty. However, Kosovo is the heartland of the Serbian nation, their most sacred place mainly due the valiant but futile efforts of their ancestors to stem the Ottoman Turkish invasion of Europe centuries ago. By WWI, the Serb population has disintegrated to 40% of the province.

Following the NATO bombing campaign in the Kosovo conflict (which included massive bombing, thousands of deaths, cluster bombs hitting even ethnic Albanian villages, etc.), most of the remaining Serb population (and other ethnicities) fled, fearing murder, rape, and other forms of oppression by the ethnic Albanians. Now the UN commander says the province should become a new nation.

How would people in the United States feel if the latino majority in southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas suddenly decided to succeed from the USA? Perhaps ethnically cleanse all of the non-latinos from this area. Don't get me wrong, I support many movements for self-determination in the world, including the Catalans, Basques, Galicians, Corsicans, Tyrolians, Scots, Welsh, Brittany, Kurds, Tamil, etc. But to create an artificial stimulus to such ends is purely vial.