22 February 2007

Separation of Church and State

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, "an American Freethought organization " (Wikipedia) will "fight its most high-profile battle when the
U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments on its lawsuit against
President Bush's faith-based initiative
" (Associated Press story on Yahoo! News).

Since King George Sr. injected religion into the oval orifice, the lines separating church and state have been blurred further and further. Today, King George (jr.) and his "faith based initiative" allows government taxpayer money to be channeled through religious organizations doing good deeds for communities. While a noble gesture, they are clearly allowed to push their own faith and beliefs on anyone in need of their charity.

If there is such a need for charity in the public sector, why is it up to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to help people out? Isn't that the governments job in the first place, to ensure the rights and benefits of its own citizens?

But a much larger issue is at stake here, the Constitution of the United States of America. Therin, the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights clearly states that there should be a separation of church and state. Like it or not, it is the highest law in the land and you either support the Constitution (as we true patriots do) or you do not (and can thus get the hell out of my country). It doesn't get any more cut and dry than this my friends.