24 June 2007

Blurring Knowledge

There is truth in life. There is truth and there is perspective. From the beginning of language, selfish and greedy people have used deceipt to blur the truth in order to gain or profit in some way. This is an everyday reality to those of us in America who are subject to Fox News and other 24 hour cable news programs that routinely couple views from a non-biased source and some conservative ideologue and proclaim that as "fair and balanced".

To get to the point, there is a free online dictionary called Wikipedia (link to the english site), an unbiased, scientific site dedicated to truth. As always, conservatives hate that public has access to truth, and have launched their own version called Conservapedia . This propaganda site is dedicated to distorting reality by stating such things as, "Earth is less than 10,000 years old, A increase in the minimum wage is... "a controversial manoeuvre that increases the incentive for young people to drop out of school.", Hillary Clinton may suffer from "clinical narcissism", and Environmentalists...would want to impose legal limits on the use of toilet paper." (source the Star Tribune and LA Times).

Its actually quite an entertaining, albeit scary read.