24 June 2007

Energy Bill

The new Democratic Senate seems to be fighting the good fight, even if they compromise too quickly in the recently passed energy bill. Unlike previous versions passed by King George and his Republican minions, this one does not give billions of dollars to the oil industry. Republicans blocked a $32 billion tax package to boost energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, accd to Yahoo! So despite what the people want (and know to be the smart thing to do), Bush and the conservatives are once again bowing to the corporate masters by killing incentives for such things as wind and solar.

The bright side to this energy bill was that for the first time in nearly 20 years (BBC), mandatory fuel efficiency will be increased. Granted, by nothing at first, and only to 35mpg (from the current 22) by the year 2020. We may finally be joining the rest of the worlds industry in promoting minimal standards such as these.