27 June 2007

...and Justice for...everyone except the rich

A short while back, a corrupt sheriff released Paris Hilton from prison, to serve out the rest of her sentence after only 1 DAY IN JAIL! I was ecstatic when the presiding judge seriously reprimanded this "law enforcement" official and ordered Hilton back behind bars, not because I am one of those bonehead "tougher laws and more prisons" bafoons, but because this represented equality under the law. Despite her many millions of dollars and a huge good ole boy network suporting her and her snotty, bratlike ways, justice would be blind. Those tears when she was led back to the clink made me smile.

Now, after spending only 24 days in a lockdown facility, she was "released early due to crowded jail conditions and time off for good behaviour." BBC According to the a paparazzi website (Egotastic), "this is probably the most coverage anyone has gotten for being released from prison since Nelson Mandela. And sadly, I'm pretty sure she's getting more coverage." They also have a video of the little princess being escorted from the compound and acting like she is on "the red carpet."

Although this is only a minor case of bias, it goes to prove that justice is no longer blind in the USA. If you have enough money and fame, you can literally get away with murder (see OJ Simpson). The middle class do not get preferential treatment or leniency, and the poor, well they just get fucked. Freedom and justice for all is supposed to be a hallmark of our society, and events like Paris Hilton getting cut loose early(and probably pampered in a one room private resort inside) is a pathetic example of how screwed up things have become in America.