02 July 2007

Corruption at the highest level !

The bar has been set so laughably low for this president (King George), that this news may barely phase some in the American audience, just like previous atrocities have (blatant lying to invade Iraq, actually invading Iraq, stocking the Supreme Court with fascist judges with an agenda, suspending the Bill of Rights for warantless wiretaps on civilians, unilaterally crushing international arms treaties, destroying the dollar, massing a 9 trillion dollar national debt, etc. etc. etc.). But for those who continue to dream of and fight for a better nation and world, this news should be a 9 on the political richter scale.

George W Bush has pardoned Lewis "Scooter" Libby!

This demon was the only one who inept prosecutors could actually finger for the treasonous affair in which the name of an active CIA undercover operative was publically named (Wikipedia) in revenge for her husband not following orders to manufacture evidence implicating Iraqs Baath regime trying to acquire nuclear material in the days before the morally bankrupt start of the Iraq War.

There is little doubt that King Georges director of propaganda, Karl Rove and his headmaster Dick "the Dick" Cheney were ultimately responsible for the deepest blame for this, but they tossed Scooter up as a prize high enough to get the American public off their backs, knowing that the Executive Branch of government has enough dictatorial powers these days that nobody could expect any greater accountability. That was far short of even a hint of justice in this act of treason, and now, to make matters worse, Scooter is off the hook all together.

What kind of nation do we have where our president can condone such treason, betrayal, and corruption? Do we not expect our leaders to exhibit a higher moral fiber than this? Are we living in a communist dictatorship or a constitutional democracy?