05 July 2007

Kosovo again tense

"UN chief warns Kosovo may regress if status unresolved" Yahoo! News. Though I adhere to a Wilsonian 'self-determinationist' ideology as long it is applied equally across the board. If the Serbian spiritual heartland of Kosovo is allowed to attain self determination, then so should other regions in the world. Europe is full of diversity, and if a cultural group is allowed to have their own independent political nation, then we should allow this for the Basques, Catalans, Galicians, Brittany, Scotland, Wales, Trans-Dnieper, etc. Equal rights to all for self governance. In the US, Native American regions and Hawaii continue to seek their own independent nations, but all pleas fall on deaf ears in the tyrranical US Government.

However, this policy is applied discriminantly, and Serbia is clearly being singled out, likely because of their staunch support of their traditionally close ally for generations, Russia. So get ready everyone, because of a short sighted punitive geopolitical strategy that had more to do with hegemony than ideology, Kosovo will yet again soon erupt in yet another round of violence. That is, unless, full independence is granted and the remaining Serbs, Gypsys, Romani, and possibly the Turks are ethnically cleansed. That is sarcastic if you couldn't tell, I abhore the very notion of ethnic cleansing.