12 July 2007

US National Debt

By the time you finish reading this article, the national debt in this country will be well over a million dollars greater. The US debt is fast approaching 9 trillion. check out theU.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK to see what it is currently at, thanks to King George. Our debt is increasing by $14,815 every second thanks to gross fiscal mismanagement by the neocons. I have reported on this previously, to refute the misconception that liberal democrats are 'tax and spend' oriented, but nobody seems to be listening.

How would your personal finances hold up if you got a bunch of credit cards, and just continued to borrow thousands of dollars a year to give you a false sense of financial well being? Bankruptcy, thats where. You would soon realize that the mounting debt you are accumulating will ruin your material well being. All those electronic toys, nice furniture, and ample floor space will soon be repossessed, leaving you on the street, begging for soup. It is the same with our nation. Tax cuts for the rich, a war to rectify daddy, exporting jobs, etc. are the motto of the conservatives, and this is ruining our country financially. Thanks again King George and you shortsighted neocon fucksticks. We are now over a million dollars poorer as a nation!