23 July 2007

US may now strike Pakistan

Sometimes the Republicans are so ridiculously and obnoxiously stupid that I have to wonder how they got so shortchanged on brains at birth. In their latest signs of lunacy, the govt of King George states that "American forces might be sent into Pakistan to strike at Osama Bin Laden." Don't misunderstand me, any chance to hit that islamo-conservative fanatic would be music to my ears, but if he is in Pakistan, you *have* to let them do the job.

"President Pervez Musharraf has a shaky hold over their country the way it is, and has already "vowed to root out extremists from every corner of the country". The conservative elements of this country are ready to rebel, and all it would take is a spark, like King George ordering an airstrike within their sovereign borders. Then what would we have? A conservative islamic uprising and possible revolution in Pakistan.

The short sighted nature of Republicans in the US simply astounds me. Sometimes I think they *want* the conservative islamists to take control over there (maybe to justify destroying the economy to support a mammoth military-industrial complex or using the Constitution as toilet paper).