24 August 2005

Hitman anyone?

Its good to see the conservatives finally speak what they really think. Pat Robertson, the nutbag host of the 700 propoganda club, former presidential candidate, and hijacker of the Reform party, officially called for the assasination of a democratically elected leader of a foreign country. Specifically, Hugo Chavez, the (not so coincidentally) leftist leader of Venezuela.

The CIA has already tried and failed to orchestrate a "revolution" in the country. And you thought Gunboat Diplomacy was a thing of the past! Why has Bush and most of his conservative cronies been so silent about someone who actually calls them on their bullshit? Hmm, could it be...OIL?? Venezuela is the worlds 5th largest oil producer, a large share of it coming to the US.

Thus, no matter what the Bushmen truly think, they cannot risk being exposed in a covert attempt to oust or kill Chavez, they would risk being cut off from the oil. It really has nothing to do with violating International law, as they proved in the invasion of Iraq and unilaterally breaking such landmark peace treaties like the ABM (Anti Ballistic Missile), Chemical weapons, etc. But have no illusions, they all think identically to Pat Robertson, and would love to see Chavez dead.