30 August 2005

Televangelists Are Evil

Today was quite the day of proclomations in the Televangelist circuit. Our favorite demonic idiot, Pat Roberts prayed for someone to die on the Supreme Court, so the conservatives in power can ram thru yet another ideologue puppet into this high post (the sneaky chameleon John Roberts looks like he is heading towards an easy confirmation already). There has never been a greater threat to the American way of life than the one this court represents.

Back to the TV preachers. The conservative Democrat from Georgia Zell Miller was angrily bashing everything under the sun, but mainly what he termed activist judges in his rants at the Two Rivers Baptist Church recently as well. Funny, liberal judges are actually the most impartial, its the conservative ideologues that always have a slant, and are the true activist judges. Nothing like preaching hate in what is supposed to be a house of love.

Another speaker at loudly proclaimed that liberalism is dead. Anyone recall Jim Baker and his "moral majority" attacking anyone in society he felt like, all the while having an affair with his secretary Jessica Hahn? In truth, many of these televangelists are nothing but hypocrites.