26 August 2005

France selling its highways

This is twist. The normally socially responsible French government is trying to sell of its roads to the highest bidder, who will then jack up the tolls on travelers. Who'd a thunk it?

America, despite all of its faults, has maintained a mostly toll-free highway system since its inception in the 1950's. There is a horrid web of them in the eastern US, but most of the country is free to travel. A few frightening exceptions, suburban bypasses, which seem almost exclusively for the rich to funnel around in and the horrific trend to remove carpool lanes and replace them with "rich only" lanes.

The ones supporting these are those same moneybag motherfuckers that would use these clear expressways, passing by all of us middle and low income families stuck in gridlock in regular traffic. Lets hope the greedy capitalists in this country don't follow suit, and like France, start selling off our highways for short term profit. Read about it on the BBC.