06 August 2005

And yet another ageist measure erupts

Colorado recently passed a law that prohibits underage drivers from talking on mobile phones while driving. Though I absolutely despise bad drivers, who are waaaaay to prevalent in the world, and further harbor a bitter distaste for drivers on mobile phones, this measure is yet one more way that the cracks in our democracy appear.

Laws should be uniform and balanced, guaranteeing respective fair punishment for all offenders, no matter age, sex, race, creed, prior violations, or wealth.

The young have always been a target, where be it in laws, enforcement, or through societal discrimination. This is yet one more example of how the young are taking it in the ass at the expense of those with power. If the mobile phone ban is passed, lets be fair and enforce it for people of all ages. Discrimination on any regard is blatantly wrong. Or are we to live by the addige (quoted from Benjamin Franklin) "Force shits on reasons back"?
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