21 August 2005

Hunter S. Thompson funeral wishes

Despite the overly stringent burial laws in this country, the final wishes of the ultimate of fucked up reporters, Hunter S. Thompson have been realized. As per his wishes, his cremation ashes were scattered over his chosen paradise, Aspen, Colorado, USA. In true fashion, he had them shot up in a rocket, which burst into a ball of flames. Better to live fast, never surrender, and die the way you want to. The BBC briefly covered this story in its articleHERE.

I can only hope my funeral rites are observed as such. I do not have the luxury of such a benefactor as the talented Johnny Depp, but I have loyal relatives who may yet succeed in disobeying US law and put me to rest atop a massive funeral pyre next to the lake by by fathers ancestral home. Any funeral should be a party to celebrate the life of the deceased, and an occasion to not only reflect on their accomplishments in life, but to take the lessons they tried to teach in life to heart, so that we may all live more freely and vividly in the future. We will miss your honest rebellious writings Hunter.