16 August 2005

Steal from the Poor

...and give to the rich. That has always been the conservatives motto. Under Reagan, it was called, "trickle down", under Bush and the 'neo-conservatives' it is known as "tax relief". What it really boils down to is padding the pockets of the wealthiest campaign donors, since they are in effect, the ones who shell out the dough for the advertising, polling, and psychological profiling that enable such weasels to get elected in this sham democracy in the first place.

You like the current prices at the pump? Gas prices surged 20 cents in one fucking day in my town. And they were at record levels already. Sure, the big corporations have the well oiled propoganda machine that states that it is merely a result of the world economy, supply and demand, and all that bullshit.

So why is it that the major oil companies are posting record profits? Why are their stocks rising so lavishly? Why did they get a $6 billion tax break under the Energy bill Bush and his conservatives rammed thru congress?

Anyone remember how reasonable prices were under Clinton? And further how they all of sudden spiked just before the 2000 presidential election? And again how they jumped before the unnecessary Iraq war and never again came down? Is it merely a coincidence? Is it also random that some of the biggest Republican campaign donors are these same oil companies that Bush and his cronies have such close ties to?